Land of Garden Art

Garden art is a totally different kind of art that helps one to decorate their garden with natural trees and decorative elements keeping the rhythmic combination with natural surroundings. It is not that you need a huge area to design a beautiful garden, or expensive decorative elements to add beauty to your garden decor. A good sense of garden art enables you to design your garden within whatever area you have and with whatever items you have at your reach.

Melbourne is one such place where garden has been exhibited at its best. Even though Victoria is known as the garden state of Australia, but Melbourne is considered as Australia’s garden city. This is because various kinds of gardens and indigenously built parks are available in very corner of this city which are valuable assortment of rare and common plant species along with avenues, scenic panoramas and pedestrian pathways. Flagstaff garden is the oldest known garden of Melbourne, established in the year 1862 and situated in the inner suburbs of the city. This old but widely visited garden of Melbourne features archeological, historical and horticultural attributes that are important features of Melbourne history. Measuring 7.2 hectares, this garden has been built with trees of different genres kept at its different corners.

Not only these large parks and gardens built across huge areas of lands, Melbourne is known for the garden art of its inhabitants also. Most of the houses of Melbourne embody a small yet beautiful garden which depicts the artistic taste of their owners. Decorated with simple objects used in our day to day life, these personal gardens are examples of great artistic touch and sense of beautification. (Read more from Nathan Walker.)

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